About Sydney Jazz Club

The Sydney Jazz Club Co-operative Ltd.

The Sydney Jazz Club Co-operative Ltd. is a group of people who share an interest in traditional jazz

It all began with an idea of Harry Harman who was the leader of the Paramount Jazz Band in early 1953.                                    .

The then band members each contributed two pounds making a grand total of 14 pounds and then hired the Real Estate Institute Hall at 30A Martin Place Sydney. The hall cost them six pounds and on Saturday 8th August 1953 they played for the pleasure of friends and supporters. The hall was packed with about 200 enthusiasts who, for legal reasons had to become Club Members. The Sydney Jazz Club was borne!

Out of that first performance by the Paramount Jazz Band came fortnightly meetings at the R.E.I. with varying attendance figures. On 3rd September 1955 the Club moved to the Ironworkers Building in George Street and remained there, playing every Saturday night until August 1967. They were able to present other bands and hold functions weekly instead of fortnightly. Popularity increased until the mid. 1960’s when crowds of over 1000 would assemble.

The Inaugural president was Fred Starkey and, with a committee of four, they continued to run the club. In 1967 a decision was made to become a co-operative and so with 102 Members, 6 Founding Members and 3 Honorary Life Members, Sydney Jazz Club became Sydney Jazz Club Co-operative Ltd. as it remains today.

The Rules limits the number of directors to six and the club has a legally binding constitution. Our current President is Ian McAllister. The present committee stands at 6 Directors.

In August 2023, the Sydney Jazz Club will celebrate its 70th anniversary, which makes it possibly the third oldest continuously running jazz club for members in the world and the oldest in Australia.

The aim of the club is to support and promote traditional jazz and this is achieved with monthly gigs, special jazz concerts, and an annual Sydney Harbour Jazz Cruise on Australia Day, as well as inter-action with other jazz clubs and involvement with activities involving jazz music.

The SJC has a popular web site that is updated at the beginning of each month for the information of members and the jazz loving public. The SJC runs very popular lunch time jazz functions on the 2nd Wednesday of each month. The SJC also promotes Special Live Jazz functions on a regular basis throughout the year.

The little people image is copyright to our Life Member, Terry Fowler (deceased) and The Sydney Jazz Club Co-op Ltd..

The Club Patron is Life Member Bill Haesler..

P.O. Box 186 Broadway NSW 2007
Tel. 02-9719 3876 (weekdays, 9 am to 5 pm)
Email:  sydneyjazzclub@tpg.com.au